Exhibit Calendar


April 11 – May 3 – Vision of Home: Recent Works by Kathie Odom
Artist Reception – Friday, April 11, 5:30-9 p.m.
We are pleased to present this show as a Dogwood Arts Featured Art Exhibit. Kathie Odom leaves the anatomy of her paintings exposed and allows light to diffuse translucently from the first wash to the thicker oils, showing different textures, birthing life. Subtle detailing coupled with loose brush strokes invite the viewer beneath into an aliveness not so apparent on the surface. Almost exclusively Kathie’s compositions are places where the possibility of life exists: barn, nest, field, dwelling, bud, shed…the vision of Home. For more info, click here.

Kathie Odom, Bethlehem Road


May 16 – June 14 – Dreamscapes: Poetry Inspired Paintings by Rachael McCampbell
Artist Reception – Friday, May 16, 5-8 p.m.
“Poetry can be a veritable feast for the senses…the delicious way the sounds roll off your tongue when you read it aloud, the rhythms that make you want to dance and the visuals that like a dream, lift you from your own reality into another world – into a dreamscape.”
McCampbell has created a collection of paintings inspired by the poetry of poets such as Mary Oliver, Donald Justice, Wallace Stevens, Robert Creeley, Wendell Berry, W. B. Yeats, Maya Angelou, Raymond Carver and more. Her paintings are highly textured with layers of acrylic, charcoal and oil. She applies paint and then removes it until eventually the story she needs to tell emerges. For more info, click here.












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